Your Investment

This level of work is a deep, lasting process that can be, and most often is, quite literally life-changing.

Especially as the results and outcomes of the work we will do together over time grow and start to blossom and bear fruit in your everyday life, you will see how this kind of work is perhaps among the most important journeys you will make. It is also not just about you - this depth and breadth of work will ripple healing and beneficial effects out into your family, community, back through your ancestral lineages and forward to the future generations.

A series of sessions is not just a financial investment, it is an investment of time, energy, heart, belly and soul.
And again, this level of work and commitment to transformation and evolution is not for everyone. There is a level of readiness, engagement and personal responsibility that is needed, as well as an openness towards where the journey may take you.

If we are going to work 1:1 together, here are some things you should know about me and how I work.

Do you feel resourced and ready? Then let’s dive into the conversation.

What You Receive

What You Receive
This work does not begin and end with each soul session. Far from it. From the moment you say Yes to the work, you are held in a much bigger and deeper arc of support, healing and guidance from me before, during and after. Below is some of what the journey includes. The rest is not actually summable up in words and it really is priceless.
I’m excited for you to find that out for yourself.


Soul Sessions - these are not ordinary sessions, really, in any sense of the word. If you haven’t already, read the Q&A page for more details on this. Each session is approximately 2 hrs long. Often, and then some.

Follow up - an important part of your journey with me and this work is a follow up a few days after each soul session. These happen via call, email, text or WhatsApp messaging. They are approximately 15-30 mins and are included in your investment. See the Q&A page for more details.

Soul Guidance - ongoing support, guidance and mentoring as needed via email in between sessions (1-2 per month).

What You Invest

Discovery Session
A discovery session is $125 for 75 minutes.
This is perfect for you if you feel the need to dip your toe in the water before diving in.

Ongoing Monthly Deep Soul Care
Monthly deep soul care is $550 per month
This is by far the most powerful, impactful and cost effective way to work 1:1 with me and empower real healing, change and lasting results. It includes my pre session tuning in time + two sessions per month in soul time where we take as long as we need + two follow up calls + occasional email support, guidance and mentoring as needed . All of that totals, in modern clock time, approximately 8 hours a month of my time (the Q&A page explains what I mean by that). The minimum commitment for this is 3 months. I highly recommend 6 months.

Ongoing Monthly Essential Soul Care
Monthly essential soul care is $275 per month
This is the ideal fit for you if you are working on some deeply rooted issues, you want the huge benefits of this work over time, and it’s right for you to only work with me once a month. It is effectively half of the Deep Soul Care. It’s also a lot more cost effective than single sessions. The minimum commitment is 3 months. I highly recommend 6 months.

Single Soul Session
A single standalone soul session is $325.
This is a good option for you if you’re not working on anything deeply rooted over time and all you would like is a single powerful standalone session now and again. It includes my pre session tuning in time + one session in soul time where we take as long as we need + our follow up time. All of that totals, in modern clock time, approximately 4 hours of my time (the Q&A page explains what I mean by that). If you wish to work with me regularly, I highly recommend the Ongoing Essential or Deep Soul Care options.

A La Carte Essential Soul Care
A la carte essential soul care is $150 for 90 minutes + $50 for each 30 minutes after that
This is an alternative, more streamlined option if you very much want to benefit from this work, but have limited time and financial resources. It’s definitely an option, but know that it’s not ideal either for your or me, as it keeps us in modern clock time, where it’s much harder for me to be as broad and generous with my time and for us to honor your own natural and unique soul timing. If you are working on anything big and/or deeply rooted and are able to, I highly recommend you really consider investing in the Ongoing Essential Soul Care instead.

Investment Notes

I intentionally keep my fees considerably lower than average in order to make them as accessible as possible. They are hugely generous and competitive for what is offered and included, not to mention the lifelong results the work yields. For reference, other practitioners, coaches, mentors, gurus, guides etc. often charge anywhere from $300 to $1,200 or more for a single hour and many work at a far more mainstream level.

Accessibility - accessibility is very important to me. I am passionate about making this work available across ethnic, racial, gender and physical ability backgrounds, as well as age and socio-economic status worldwide.

If you feel truly ready and right for this work, are from one or more marginalized communities and genuinely need financial support to make the work possible, you can explore my accessibility and social justice options and see if there is a right fit for you.

Paying It Forward - each month I pay forward a portion of my income to support people and projects that are aligned with the SAS vision, mission and values. You can check them out here.

Are you feeling resourced and ready? Then let’s dive into the conversation.