Your Investment

This level of work is a deep, lasting process that can be, and most often is, quite literally life-changing.

Especially as the results and outcomes of the work we will do together over time grow and start to blossom and bear fruit in your everyday life, you will see how this kind of work is perhaps among the most important journeys you will make. It is also not just about you - this depth and breadth of work will ripple healing and beneficial effects out into your family, community, back through your ancestral lineages and forward to the future generations.

A series of sessions is not just a financial investment, it is an investment of time, energy, heart, belly and soul.
And again, this level of work and commitment to transformation and evolution is not for everyone. There is a level of readiness, engagement and personal responsibility that is needed, as well as an openness towards where the journey may take you.

If we are going to work one on one together, here are some things you should know about me.

Do you feel resourced and ready? Then let’s dive into the conversation.

Session Series - What You Receive


Session - each session is typically 1 hr 45 mins to 2 hrs long. Most often it is 2 hrs and sometimes, when deeper work is happening, it can run over. Check out the Q&A page for more details on this.

Follow up - every session includes a dedicated follow up check in and tune up a few days later via call or WhatsApp messaging at no additional cost. Again, see the Q&A page for more details.

Support - email support in between sessions - 1-2 emails per session.

Guidance - occasional ongoing support, guidance and mentoring as needed.

Your Investment

Single session - $275 (includes one session + one follow up)
3 Session Series - $750 (saving of $75)
6 Session Series - $1500 (saving of $150)
9 Session Series - $2250 (saving of $225)
12 Session Series - $3000 (save $300)
Additional Session Time - $50 (30 min increments)

Investment Notes - payment plans are available for the 6, 9 and 12 session series.

I keep my individual session fees quite a bit lower than the average in order to make them as accessible as possible. They are very competitive for what is offered and included. For reference, other practitioners and coaches doing similar work often charge $200 - $450 or more for a single hour.

Accessibility - accessibility is very important to me. I am passionate about making this work available across ethnic, racial, gender and physical ability backgrounds, as well as age and socio-economic status worldwide. And suitability, readiness and passion for the work are a greater priority to me than profit.

If you feel powerfully drawn to the work and me, are ready to dive in and need access to a reduced cost, I have created a range of payment options including a limited number of sliding scale and pay-what-you-can places each month as well as one entirely pro bono place to one client at a time.

Paying It Forward - with each full paying and sliding scale person I pay forward a portion of the income to support people and projects that are aligned with the SAS vision, mission and values. You can check them out here.