Individual Healing and Transformation Work

At any given time I only work one on one with a small number of dedicated individuals.
This process is an active and dynamic partnership between us over time. Together, we
empower you to thrive, so you can make the very most of your life, relationships and work in the world.

The foundational approach I use is a leading-edge body of subtle energy work called Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SA for short), which is very powerful and highly effective. It can also, in fact, be a lot of fun!

I combine SA work with a copious ‘medicine basket’ of both ancient wisdom teachings and new processes, as well as practical down to earth coaching and life design work as needed with each person.

The teachings, processes and practices you will learn along the way will be
powerful allies in your own evolving ‘medicine basket’,
allowing you to call on them to support, sustain and empower
your daily life, relationships and work, creating a whole new ground of Being.

As you clear and transform more and more of what’s in the way, you will become more and more of a guiding light; from this place, the benefits and potential of what you can make possible for yourself, others and our world becomes truly unlimited.


This is a big, beautiful and bold journey. Please know it is an advanced level of work and is not for everyone.

You will get the very most success out of working individually with me if you have:

  • Already done at least some degree of personal, inner transformational and/or healing work.

  • Have a daily regular meditation and/or spiritual practice (or are willing to start one).

  • Are curious about your Sacred Anatomy and open to advanced subtle energy work as a modality.

  • Are open to the possibility of working with me over a longer arc of time and welcome deep work.

This work is unlikely to be a good fit if you:

  • Wish for a quick fix. Profound and lasting shifts can happen quickly in this work and, it is an ongoing journey.

  • Prefer to be worked on, rather than with. This works calls on you to be fully present and engaged in the process.

  • Need to be doing therapy. Emotional processing is a small part - the focus of the work is transformation.

  • You do not believe in magic, miracles and possibilities way beyond what you’ve been told.

Next Steps - you can:

Check out the Q&A page for all the details of how, what, where, when, and how often.

Explore what others have said about their own journeys here.

See options for your investment in yourself of time, energy and funds.

If it looks like we’re going to work 1:1 together, here’s some things you should know about me.

When you are ready, let’s have an initial conversation at no charge.

Then, if we decide to work together, we will have 3 initial sessions to get to know each other, establish the initial groundwork, get an embodied sense of me and the work and what’s needed over time. At the end of the 3rd session, if we mutually decide to continue, we will look at beginning program options (minimum of 3 months), with medium and long tern program options available after that.