Set forth boldly on your journey…

Set forth boldly on your journey…

Special Discovery Session -
1:1 Work with Me

So, you’ve explored what this 1:1 work is all about, you’ve had a Discovery Call with me, and you’ve decided you’d love to take another step. Great!

So what’s next?
You are warmly invited to dip your toe in the water (or Mojave desert sand, going by the photo..) with an embodied experience of the work in a special one time Discovery Session.

Why have a Discovery Session?

Because the work I do is leading-edge, different, unique, and the positive impact is profound. Most likely it is also unlike most other work you’ve done in the past. So you need to experience it, rather than me just talk about it. And you may wish to make that initial step with a smaller commitment of time, energy and finances and see if it’s right for you before you consider diving in deeper.

Those who have come before you have really appreciated a chance to get to know me and the work, establish connection and trust, and feel how it lands in their body and life, before committing to a longer arc of transformation at my standard rates. So, it’s a chance to test the waters (or sand dunes) so to speak…

1:1 Discovery Session - Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • One introductory soul session that lasts 75 minutes

  • One follow up check in- we’ll schedule this a few days after your main session to check in and follow up

Cost - $125 for the session

Additional Notes

The session happens remotely via Zoom video call.

This Discovery Session is payable in full ahead of your first session. I use PayPal. If you are in the US, check is ok too.

I believe in being very transparent about time, energy and money, yours and mine. You can explore all of my main 1:1 offerings and investment options here.