If you can remember this
then you can speak sing and dream loud as thunder
for every quiet piece of land and water on this earth
because you have not forgotten
that you
not the mad kings
are the one with power.
— Ben Weaver

You are a bold, brave and rather brilliant bunch.

Thank you deeply for all that you are and all that you do.

I see You.
I see the fullness and truth of who you really are, beyond the blocks, the barriers and the fears.
And yes, you are beautiful, precious and powerful beyond measure.
Your gifts are very much needed now.

Are you ready to move out beyond what’s still in the way into your own field of possibilities?
Are you willing to share your full aliveness and greatest gifts in service to our world?

SAS is for you if

You are a creative, catalyst or change-maker of any kind.

You care deeply. About pretty much everything.

You yearn to restore justice, peace and balance in our world.

You have courage. As in the French origin of the word ‘coeur’, heart, meaning to ‘have heart’.

You feel the pull to heal, grow, transform and evolve so you can serve from a fully alive place.

You've done a lot of your own healing work, you've come a long way, and now it's no longer about just you, it's about where and who and how you can best serve.

Some of what may be in the way

Burnout, exhaustion, overwhelm.

Physical issues and challenges.

High sensitivity (HSPs).

Loneliness, isolation, insecurity, guilt, shame.

Creative roadblocks.

Loss of clarity, purpose and direction.

Energetic vulnerability, taking on the stuff of others.

Familial, cultural and/or ancestral trauma.

Tired old life patterns that no matter what you do just keep on running.

And many more manifestations of physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual discomfort, distress and dis-ease.
(think panoply or smorgasboard).

What you will be moving towards

More happiness, enjoyment and ease.

Inner strength, stability, resilience and support.

A greater sense of being on purpose, with yourself and beyond self.

Clarity of focus and direction.

Creative flow.

Respite and/or resolution of physical issues and challenges.

Manifesting of bigger, broader opportunities and possibilities.

Sweeter and more deeply connective relationships.

Being fully present and embodied in your life.

Increased effectiveness and impact in your life and work.

A whole lot more…FUN! Seriously.