About Me

Hey there! 

Here's a bit about my journey and how I came to live, serve and work as I do. The full version below is longish, so you may enjoy the short essence of it in poem form. Or both.


I grew up intuitive, empathic and highly sensitive in a big Italian city, as part of a Celtic-Anglo-American-Belgian-Italian blended family. My international schools were very eclectic and very diverse. It was an interesting ride. I was the outlier in so many ways, at home and beyond, and certainly ‘different’.

Alongside different, I also acquired an early and embodied understanding of ‘otherness’. Being a perpetual straniera (foreigner) in my own natal country was, and still is, a pretty strange feeling, but it also gave me great freedom. Being harrassed from elementary through college for having the ‘wrong accent’ in the wrong place, at the wrong time, got old, very fast, but also really woke me up to appreciating how beautiful and precious our individual uniquenesses all are. A sensitive among intellectuals, spiritual in the midst of atheists/agnostics and deeply drawn to wild nature in an ultra urban environment, I learned quickly to be multi lingual and multi dimensional in a myriad of ways.

Continually and powerfully, I was being drawn to much more than I was being shown, and soon my ‘different’ path took me traveling far and wide through inner and outer landscapes. Needless to say, I am still traveling those wild lands, and I plan to keep doing so well into my final days as a bright and wild eyed Crone.

Oh yes, I do.

Creativity in Action

My advocacy and activism came at a young age as I saw and felt every kind of injustice and how those around me were very well informed but rarely, if ever, took embodied action to affect positive change. I see now what I couldn’t see then - that the enclaves of educated, upper middle class, and in my case white privilege, buy many things, among which the luxury of inaction. That really didn’t work for me then, and it really doesn’t work for me now. At all.

So I began to look for creative solutions.

All three of my parents were, and are, creatives. My birth mother, a wonderful photographer and visual storyteller, died of cancer at the age of forty-nine just short of my 5th birthday. Not only did she leave the world super young; she died depressed, unfulfilled and creatively unwitnessed, with so much still to say, make and do inside her. When I realized the fullness of this truth in my teens, looking daily at her beautiful work on my bedroom walls, I vowed I would find my way to living fully alive and creatively expressed, in service to something bigger and greater than myself. And then light that up in anyone and everyone I could. It was truly going to be that or nothing.

The Pathless Path

My ‘official’ healing arts path and training began in my early 20’s in the hills of central Italy with a diminutive Native American shaman named Turtle Rattle Woman. Since then it has been many decades of, well, the best way I can describe it is as a blend of Jedi Academy, Hogwarts and Kung Fu Panda. A little more seriously, my spiritual healing and energy medicine basket is rich and full of ancient wisdom teachings and transformational approaches that are leading edge in our times and I am immensely proud to carry them with the utmost integrity. If you are curious you can check out the full list of my credentials and trainings here.

As a dear friend of mine says, '“the work WORKS”. And so I serve those who feel called and are ready.

Doing it the Hard Way

Getting to where I am now sure took a while + quite some doing + a lot of brave determination. The path to full aliveness and authentic expression does not have to be long or torturous, but in my case, it seems like it did. Plagued by sometimes crippling depression and totally unable (and unwilling) to play by modern culture’s insane workaholic rules, by my late 20’s the strain of fitting my dodecagon peg into a ‘Good Girl’ mainstream square hole finally got the better of me. Much of my 30’s were spent in an overly and wrongly medicated daze of low income, single motherhood, co-parenting, getting by with misc day jobs, feeling lonely, depressed, isolated, disconnected and not making my art. Ugh. It laid the ground for an incredibly instructive and valuable time of growth, but I can’t honestly say it was much fun. Nope, it was not. The mythical dark night of the soul, can, especially if you happen to be living in Scotland at the time as I did, be pretty dark indeed. There were days I thought I would never make it.

And yet and still, knowing what I know now, and having reached this far on my soul and life journey, I wouldn’t trade that time in my life for anything in the world.

There is so much gold to be found in our darker places.

The soul and sacred healing teachings I had and the ones I have gained since are what have lit the way; beacons illuminating and guiding me stepping stone by stepping stone forward through previously unknown soul territory. You have to want it badly enough, this joyous depth and fullness of living. This sacred ground of Being.

And I sure did.

Becoming Beyond Self

Where and what has that ‘got’ me?

Well, I have, quite literally, co-created with Life what many would consider ‘miracles’. As I have shifted from decades of surviving into fully thriving, I get to stand for these same miracles in my students and clients’ lives, holding, guiding, empowering and activating their unique and much needed gifts in the world.

Now, it is no longer just about me; it is about how I can truly serve the whole.

From this ground of being, it is possible to feel fulfilled, on purpose, in full creative flow, connected, active, involved. Most days I am truly happy, awake, aware, alive and giving my vision-led gifts in the world. It is a deeply connected, joyous and vibrant place.

Do I have down days, challenges, frustrations? Of course I do. Do I sometimes get down, depressed, discouraged? Absolutely. Is it always easy? Of course not. I didn’t say ‘ascended master’. And yet, what I can make possible from this place, for myself, for others, for our world and for the future of all life on our planet is so way beyond, it is a totally new paradigm.

And the things is this - if it is possible for me, it is absolutely possible for you. I’ll say it again. It is possible for You.

Some Extra Stuff:

  • I use She/Her pronouns

  • My roots are Celtic (Irish and Scottish), English and Eastern European (Austrian and Romanian). My adopted roots are Italian, which is why I talk with my hands a lot.

  • I am a Catholic Jew by birth and circumstance. I know, right? It’s a long story. By choice I am non-religious and deeply spiritual.

  • I speak fluent English, Italian, French and Latin American Spanish. I love speaking them whenever I get a chance.

  • I grew up in Rome and New York City as a third culture kid. I have also lived in southern France, Mexico City, southern England, the west coast of Scotland and currently, northern California.

  • My son is a trans artist and activist. He is a beautiful, brave and bright light in the world and I am SO proud of him. He is part of our future and that gives me hope.

I Love:

  • Artichokes. And I’m not sure I could live without garlic, basil and olive oil. The Italian in me lives on.

  • And tea. Oh my, tea. Morning tea. Afternoon tea. After dinner tea. (these are not the same at all). I travel with my own tea bags. I tell my partner I love him more than tea. He is my soulmate, after all.

  • Making land art and stone balance sculptures.

  • My incredible hand pan. I don’t play It - It plays me.

  • Books. Not ebooks or Kindle books or whatever books. Real, proper books books.

  • Wildlife tracking on a deserted beach. Followed by brunch (preferably with artichokes)

  • Animations. Best way to cheer me up, comfort me and/or allow me to reset? Show me Kung Fu Panda. Again.

  • Permaculture. And my garden. Yes, of course I talk to my plants.