Set forth boldly on your journey…

Set forth boldly on your journey…

SAS Special Offer Discovery Series -
By Invitation Only
1:1 Work with Me

So, you’ve explored what this 1:1 work is all about, you’ve had a Discovery Session with me, and I have invited you to an initial series at a generously discounted rate.

What’s next?

Well, it’s a good idea to re-outline a few things:

  • This level of work is a deep, lasting process that can be, and most often is, quite literally life-changing.

  • You have to be ready, as well as willing to commit to your journey. In essence, you have to want it badly enough to really show up and do the work.

  • The more ready, willing and committed you are, the more swift and powerful the results will be for you.

  • This work may feel deeply personal, and it is. But it is also not just about you - it’s about your ability to show up for your family, community, the next generations and the future of life on this planet. Yep, it’s that big.

I’ve created this six-week Discovery Series and priced it at $200 less than my standard rate because this work is leading-edge, different, unique, and most likely unlike most other work you’ve done in the past. So you need to experience it, rather than me just talk about it. Those who have come before you have really appreciated a chance to get to know me and the work, establish connection and trust, and feel how it lands in their body and life, before committing to a longer arc of transformation at my standard rates. So, it’s a chance to test the waters (or sand dunes) so to speak…

SAS Six-Week Discovery Series - Here’s What You Receive

Three Full Sessions - spaced two weeks apart. The first one is an Intake session. Each session is typically 2 hrs long.  More or less. For more lowdown on that see here.

Three Follow Up Sessions- each week in between your full sessions we have a 20 min dedicated follow up, check in and tune up.  

Support and Guidance - additional support, guidance and mentoring as needed (within reason..balance is good).

Your Investment

The regular cost for this Series is $750. This Discovery Series with the generous discount is $550 

Additional Notes

All sessions happen remotely via Zoom video call.

This Discovery Series is payable in full ahead of your first session. I use PayPal. If you are in the US, check is ok too.

I believe in being very transparent about your investment of time, energy and money. You can see all of my standard fees here.

I also believe in making this work accessible across ethnic, racial, gender and physical ability backgrounds, as well as age and socio-economic status worldwide. This initial package cannot be discounted any further, but for series of sessions beyond that you can see the range of options I have created here.

And I believe in ‘paying it forward’. So as you commit to a Discovery Series I commit to contributing to people and projects that are aligned with the SAS vision, mission and values. You can check them out here.