For far too long, the soul healing, transformational and empowerment spaces I’ve been part of, certainly here in the US and other countries I’ve lived in, have been dominated by social, economic and other systemic factors that have vastly limited the breadth and depth of access to those passionate about and ready to do the work.

It’s high time you and I changed this.

My Commitment to Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice

As part of the values I stand by, my own personal journey, the vision of what I wish to bring about in the world and dedication to the richness of our SAS community, I am committed to finding ways to support and improve access to my offerings across a broad spectrum of ethnic, racial, gender and physical ability backgrounds, as well as age and socio-economic status, worldwide.

To this end, I continue to do my own personal work, unpacking my privilege, unconscious biases and blind spots, to create as diverse, inclusive and safe environments for my workshop participants and students as I can. I grew up that way as my everyday baseline, speaking multiple languages in a vibrant melting pot with people from all over the world, and part of my soul’s path is to foster these spaces wherever I go.

High session rates are one of the first and most obvious barriers to access. Many of us also go through difficult financial times and often need the work most when we can least afford it… I know because I’ve been there. So for those who need it, I offer a range of payment options, including sliding scale, pay what you can, and a small number of entirely pro bono spots.

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