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Soulfire will be returning in 2019 new and improved!

Soulfire is a one-of-a-kind one to two day live, experiential and hands workshop. It is a transformational journey of playful experimenting, adventurous exploration and deeper conversation with ourselves through soul art, sacred anatomy and nature connection, in the cauldron and container of community.

In the meantime here's a video of a Soulfire daylong retreat in Glasgow, Scotland, and a few things people said about it below.

It was awesome! I had such a wonderful day.

Moira B. - visual artist -

I really value what I learnt on is making me be alert to marks that have or don't have stop when this starts happening and to ask the work/my soul what it wants next...AND my studio became  a happy place instead of wrought with frustration and fury.

It had a very profound effect on me and started a huge turning point in my life.  So thank you so much for being the catalyst for great improvement and once again thank you for such a wonderful time, I was really shocked when I saw the photo...I haven’t looked that happy for a long long time!

Sue C - visual artist -

Soulfire Art – I say the words and my heart feels joy. I knew when I went along to Amanda’s workshop that I would have the chance to make spirited art and I was itching for it. I got more – much more! Well I just let it flow –the colours, the lines, the shapes – didn’t even start to think about where they came from or what they were – aahh! Then I just had to sing along too – I was so content. Everyone there had their own soul’s experience and, in the background, I could hear Amanda gently coaching those who came up against hurdles, using her intuition and skillful words to help them over. Will I make Soul fire Art again? Of course!

Margaret W. - fine art teacher

The workshop itself was very special. The Nature bit really made me feel at peace and the Soul Art session was a revelation.

Cathie G - Author of Rabbits Don’t Get Lymphoma! Kissing My Cancer Goodbye

I've experienced many different workshops over the past 20 years in various styles of self-connection, development and nourishment. I would rate Soulfire as one of the most enriching experiences i've had so far. The diversity of intention, ritual, movement, games, nature connection and art left me feeling nourished and connected to a deeper sense of trust and inner knowing. I'm grateful for the holding. I left feeling deeply nourished, and as I cycled through the park on the way home with very little lighting on my bike I really experienced myself using my other senses. A real feeling of trusting in life.

Jayne M - empathic coach -

The whole time I felt safe and supported. I loved how you brought your power as a mother, holding a safe space outwardly and giving this relaxed feeling inwardly. I could not let go of the idea that I needed to produce something…it helped me a lot when you talked with me, it felt like lightening the load. I was able to let go and find more joy in just going for it and drawing "out loud".

Reflecting on one anothers’ soul art pieces was mind blowing. What others saw, felt and noticed when looking at the art was beautiful, open and heart warming. What a day it was. Afterwards we were siting down by the door and we just loved the space we were in. Calm, relaxed and filled with peace. With deep gratitude for what Soulfire, you and Brian did for us.

Michi B - founder and deep nature connection guide at

Serious shenanigans in the woods….

Serious shenanigans in the woods….