Amanda exudes strong, deep and timeless support.

She is attentive listener and skilled practitioner who consistently proves herself to be a crucial catalyst to transmuting life’s challenges into wisdom, grace and empowerment.

I appreciate Amanda’s skilled knowing, vision and gifts of eloquence. She soothed my personal critic and accepted me fully. Amanda guided me to express my highest potential even in the face of extreme adversity. Because of working with Amanda I am more aligned with my true essence and better equipped to live fully in the present, grounded and centered. I have gained practical skills to clear personal obstacles and stepped in to a life full of miracles and possibility. Thank you Amanda!

Satya - Writer, Yoga instructor, Intuitive Counseling


It is just such a relief to be able to be seen and held this way.

I knew Amanda could hold space for me in a way that is different from other practitioners I have worked with. I really enjoy how she brings in elements and rhythms of nature, providing perspectives that help me to uncover my blind spots, find balance on my growth path and wake up to how I can center myself more in life.

I know I can let go and trust Amanda's guidance; that she will not put me in a transformative space I cannot handle. Being as sensitive as I am, it says a lot that I have no apprehension working with her, even when the material that is up for me is most deeply triggering. In seeing, healing and releasing some very difficult patterns in my close family relational patterns, I've gained space, clarity, awareness and motivation to make more positive and empowered choices. This has had a profound ripple effect in my capacity to guide other people most powerfully and serve in my soul's work and service path.

I enjoy working with Amanda very much because I feel so seen and not judged in our sessions. Whenever we work together it feels kind of like a coming of age ceremony for me. It is just such a relief to be able to be seen and held this way. I would recommend Amanda to everyone I know who could use wise, compassionate space holding, especially if they are sensitive. She will honor where you are at and all of your history too. You can bring your whole self to the session without fear of judgement.

Chris Hambelton - Daoist Internal Arts Practitioner

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It is hard to imagine my life before and without the work with Amanda, sitting here today.

I have a new way of relating to myself, nature, people and energy. I feel greater love, containment, wonder. In particular, I feel a greater connection to a non-rational, non-logical spiritual side of me. I fundamentally feel more grounded and more centered, as well as more in touch with magic and wonder.

I have positively surprised myself by, far more quickly than I could have ever imagined (at all!), allowing myself to trust in the methodology even in its more 'out there' moments. I’ve left the doubt and cynicism behind and I have been able to benefit from the connections and being guided to shift and access energy.

I very much enjoy the structure and the flow of the work, even as it allows for flexibility. I feel a sense of purpose and vision about where we are going that I never felt when I was in therapy.

Elizabeth C - United Nations consultant

These days I feel freer than I have ever felt.

It was serendipitous for me to have come across Amanda, as I was going through a difficult time and it was manifesting in arm pain. Within moments of working with her she had cleared some stagnant energy that was hindering my whole being and I experienced an instant physiological healing.

Initially I still felt a bit hesitant because this modality was totally new to me, and so I felt that I had to take a leap of faith and trust my gut feeling that this was a safe practice. Amanda asks for my permission every step of the way and she has a sincere, patient and compassionate way of being that allows me to trust her. Ultimately the trust lays in the fact that you get results.

My work with Amanda has allowed me to step out of my story and see and allow for possibilities in my own self-realization. Although it’s a work in progress, this work has supported me to take huge leaps in my own growth and healing and to step out of my wounded identity. I am now able to show up in my community in an embodied way and be more able to connect with the people I care for.

I like working with Amanda because she feels safe, she is a warm face to meet with and has a genuine compassionate way about herself. Also I know that every time I interact with her I will be encountering a transformation, I will be meeting a huge shift and receiving a strong helping hand. These days I feel freer than I have ever felt. It’s not magic because in fact I do have to do my own internal work to support the energetic shifts and healings that happen, but it is magic in the sense that major energetic barriers get lifted and healed.

If you are ready to move to the next phase of your life, I strongly recommend Amanda.

Adriana B - Landscape Gardener and Food Justice Advocate


Amanda has an amazing ability to grasp what I cannot express.

I came to Amanda at a standstill in my creative abilities. I felt as though I could no longer tap into what I was here to create and bring forth as an artist. I needed someone who was a creative themselves and understood on a deep level the frustration that arises when one's full and authentic creative expression is not flowing. I had a good feeling about Amanda and her innate intuitive skills. Something in me said, "She sees me."

My biggest challenge was that I had produced amazing work for years, and then gradually I became more and more insecure in my work for a handful of reasons. I was a perfectionist and my own worst critic at times! In our working together I am now able to truly honor myself and my art, engaging in my creativity with a renewed sense of respect. I let myself draw for the sheer sake of drawing, or paint what feels juicy and alive inside of me! I have more freedom in my body and creative vocabulary and respect myself more as a person who has a gift in creating fine artwork.

Amanda has an amazing ability to grasp what I cannot express - she pulls it out of me with the grace of a ballerina. Every time. I know that when we come together for a session it's going to be like an archeological dig, in a good way, and I can rest assured that whatever arises, Amanda will share words that uplift me and nullify any unfounded self doubt. Amanda is committed to her mission of giving a voice to the voiceless within and without. For that, I am grateful.

Katherine Lee - Fine Artist

Sam face.jpg

Amanda is one of the most skilled healers I have ever worked with.

Her finesse in deeply listening to the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of my Human Energy Structure and her spot on intuition and sensing into what others are experiencing are tremendous. She is thorough, caring, and has a truly deep knowledge of transformational work which makes her a talented healer and educator. One of my biggest challenges as a healer and a full-time mom of a young child, is making time to receive healing and replenishing energy work for myself. I have very limited time for that, yet it is so necessary.

Receiving life-enhancing energy medicine from Amanda feels like bathing in a lovely nourishing bath of deep transformation. She helps me to feel supported to sift through my life and weed out what no longer fits, so I can inhabit my true self even more deeply and powerfully and focus like a laser on my soul's purpose. Even though I have done this work for years, Amanda discovered a layer of childhood trauma and conditioning that was lingering, and she helped me to release an old pattern of "not belonging". It has given me greater courage to dedicate time to doing what I love: writing healing music, singing, and performing, being a healer and an awesome mom.

As a healing professional I am very selective about who I choose to work with. What I like best about working with Amanda, is that I can relax and trust that I am held in extremely competent, skilled, loving hands, knowing that with every session I am increasingly liberated, empowered and inspired. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Amanda!

Samantha Ravensong - Singer, Songwriter, Energy Healer


Thank you so much. I could not have done this without you.

You have made a world of difference in my life and I will be eternally grateful.

Valeria B - Mama of three